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Our Blue Ocean pods are transforming the way our customers plan for the increasing demand for home delivery

The Penso Blue Ocean pod is transforming the way our customers plan for the rapidly increasing demand for home delivery.

Online electrical specialist AO has become the first home delivery retailer to operate the new generation of lightweight vehicles which can transport up to 50% more goods on a daily delivery run to help meet growing demand and significantly reduce the cost of delivery. 360 of the Pods are in service in the UK and are now offering proven gains in both delivery efficiency and environmental benefits. (The core of each pod is made using 5,000 recycled plastic bottles)

ASDA and Morrisons have been the first adopters of the technology in the grocery delivery sector and are confirming significant gains in efficiency as they launch e-delivery into more of their stores. The increase tote capacity is resulting in tangible benefits in loading and delivery strategy to the point where the Penso Blue Ocean Pod is offering the same volume of deliveries in 2 cycles as the current fleet manage in 3. A fleet of 34 Penso vehicles can make as many deliveries as 50 traditional vans.

For both variants this naturally leads to a reduction in stem mileage and significant gains in fuel consumption.


Penso are actively engaged with OEM Chassis manufacturers and having launched the POD on Mercedes Benz Sprinter and also being available on Ford Transit, Penso is preparing for the future by packaging protecting for the EV platforms that will be required to support the delivery market in the coming years. The first EV options will be available later in 2021.

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