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A decade-long overnight success story!

Anyone who tried to get their shopping delivered in April is more than aware of an overwhelming surge in demand for home grocery deliveries, but now Ocado’s founder Tim Steiner has made a £1bn bet the channel shift is here to stay by investing heavily in new capacity.

Since that was announced, several people have said to me it’s fortuitous timing for us at Penso as it comes the month after we officially launched our ultra-lightweight carbon fibre home delivery pods that can carry nearly 50% more goods per journey than the industry standard on the same 3.5 tonne chassis. Our pods also address many of the challenges being faced by fleets including carbon emissions, operating costs, tighter environmental regulations, driver shortages and congestion.

The timing seems perfect but the road to get here has been a long one and so I thought I’d just put it on record that the technology behind this timely success story, including our ability to make lightweight carbon fibre structures cost effectively, has been more than a decade in the making!

Even then, developing a completely new concept for last mile logistics from scratch, namely carbon fibre pods that offer a 10-year durability warranty and can be built by a robotic production line, is by no means a quick or simple process.

Penso has a strong background in engineering and developing sophisticated production techniques, having worked with the biggest names in the aviation and automotive sectors.


But when the team decided to branch out into commercial vehicle bodybuilding, they knew it would indeed be a long road ahead.

So, yes, we agree the current climate has the potential to make our Blue Ocean Home Delivery Pods infinitely more valuable to the market as the demand for doorstep delivery accelerates further – whether that’s for groceries, general parcels, electronics or even white goods.

And yes, we are delighted that our first vehicles will be making an appearance with a major supermarket in the next few days.

Just please understand that this is the result of tens of thousands of hours of research, development, prototyping and testing!