Penso British Engineering

Penso receives UK grant to develop high-volume automotive composite technologies as part of consortium with Bentley and Solvay

Penso, Bentley and Solvay, have partnered to deliver “Project FLAVA – Flexible Lightweight Architectures for Vehicle Applications”. Penso is the lead partner in the consortium.

FLAVA will develop the composite structural engineering, material science and manufacturing process technologies required to implement a modular, multi-material Body-In-White structure suited for high volume production.

The project, through the manufacture of composite intensive vehicle prototypes, will demonstrate the technical and commercial solutions required to meet emission legislation with design flexibility, structural integration, lightweighting, vehicle assembly and value stream logistics simplification throughout the supply chain.

This will demonstrate the capability of a composite supply chain to offer manufacturing processes that meet Automotive OEM quality, serial production rate and total cost of ownership requirements in standard OEM production facilities.

Daniel Hurcombe, Managing Director at Penso stated: “The FLAVA project will combine previously demonstrated press formed carbon fibre manufacturing technologies with a new, flexible, automated composite body assembly facility at our Coventry based headquarters. We aim to demonstrate the compelling business model for ultra-lightweight, modular composite body architectures at very low cycle times. We are very proud to be Lead Partner on this programme and honoured to have been awarded this grant funding by the UK Government.