Penso British Engineering

Out-of-autoclave tooling (Penso featured in Composites World Magazine)


Penso Group Ltd. (Coventry, UK), in partnership with JE Engineering (Coventry) and Nottingham University (Nottingham, UK), is featuring in its CAMX booth the results of work they’ve done on Affordable Carbon Fibre (AffCAR) for the UK niche-vehicle sector. The aim of the AffCAR project was to reduce the cost of vehicle parts and tooling for lightweight structural body panels and deliver a more robust and controlled process outside of the autoclave. AffCAR is now the moniker for a hybrid composite tooling technology known internally as pressclaving, which offers low tooling costs and reduced cycle times, with the potential to support automaker efforts to reach the impending 2020 European vehicle emission target of 95g CO2 /km and become a feasible manufacturing process. AffCAR has been demonstrated on an engine hood for JE Engineering’s existing Defender Zulu vehicle. The weight of the panel, with lacquer applied, reportedly achieved a mass saving of 69% against the original steel hood.


CLICK HERE to view the article in Composites World Magazine (Vol 2 – No 9 – page 64)