Penso British Engineering

JEC Europe 2015 Innovations – Penso pressed composite technology

Penso has taken an innovative approach to designing the tools such that they can be used in existing presses without modification.

Penso has cutting edge composites and analysis capabilities that have resulted in the development of press form tooling and processes for high volume composite manufacturing , meaning parts are produced in minutes, not hours. Penso has taken an innovative approach to designing the tools such that they can be used in existing presses without modification. Accurate, realtime control of the tool temperature and seal geometry is critical to the part performance and the company has established these parameters on a number of different tool sizes and geometries. An additional benefit is the double A-surface on the parts, which permits accurate assembly of structures without additional rework.

Penso is working closely with automotive OEMs to investigate the replacement of metallic body-in-white structures with optimised composite structures that achieve significant mass savings of up to 30%. Work is also proceeding with the development of lightweight closures with exposed A-surface finish to eliminate the need for trim panels.

The company is exploiting other market sectors such as the rail industry, where work is underway to manufacture cored composite components meeting stringent fire, smoke and toxicity requirements.