Penso British Engineering

Structures Design

Penso’s Structures Design cell has a proven track record in delivering cost effective, lightweight solutions for a diverse range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, defence and rail.

This has been achieved through adoption of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), which embeds our internal CAE capability as an integral part of the design process.

Our experts within the team have experience in delivering advanced solutions in aluminium, composites, magnesium and steel, together with knowledge of the most efficient manufacturing and joining technologies.

Penso’s engineers are also vastly experienced in all phases of the product life cycle, from initial concept/clay model feasibility through to development and into prototype and production launch.

In a typical automotive context, the design team is divided into Body Structure (Underbody & Upper Structure), Closures and Closures Hardware systems. This includes:

Composite Team has a wealth of knowledge and experience from F1, Automotive, Aerospace and other sectors which enables us to provide lightweight and cost effective composites. The team has been embedded within the sustained R&D of composite manufacture in order to effectively design composites for the Penso Hot Compression Moulding Process

Body Structure Team is experienced in developing load paths, managing packaging requirements and manufacturing feasibility requirements.

Closures Team work closely with the Body Structures Team to deliver systems that perform structurally, whilst also developing glass barrels and closure kinematics.

Mechanisms Team is responsible for the integration of release systems (handle, locks and latches), hinges, moving glass systems (moving glass and regulators) and vehicle safety.

The CAE Team can support the delivery of key vehicle attributes, such as NVH, Durability and Safety. They also have significant experience in using optimisation software to reduce weight in metallic and composite structures…a much sought after commodity in modern-day car manufacturing. Our engineers are experts in use of industry standard codes (MSC/Nastran, Abaqus, LS-Dyna, Genesis) as well as hand calculations and aerospace methods. Python scripting is undertaken to automate complex tasks.


Do you have an engineering project that could benefit from our wide-ranging expertise and proven track record?



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