Penso British Engineering

Electrical & Electronic System Engineering

Penso has a highly skilled electrical and electronics department who are able to provide turnkey solutions for both internal and external projects.

From requirement analysis and design, to testing, verification and validation, we can offer support and solutions on-site at Penso for electrical enquiries.

What we offer:

  • System Design: Analysing customer needs and specifying full system requirements using SysML modelling or traditional textual requirements.
  • Hardware Design: Electronic Control Unit (ECU) schematic design and simulation through to Printed-Circuit Boards (PCB) layout and production. We have developed modules for high current body control, audio and steering.
  • Harness Design: Electrical distribution for complete vehicles including circuit analysis, signal specification and 3D routing.
  • Software Development: Software is designed through simulation in MathWorks Simulink/Stateflow, then the production code is auto-generated with Mathworks Embedded Coder and unit tested. Automated tests are developed and run on our Hardware-in-the-Loop systems.
  • Communications: We design communication systems using technologies such as CAN, LIN and Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS).
  • Concept Prototypes: Not only do we develop systems for production, we also design and develop complete electromechanical benchtop concept demonstration systems for vehicle manufacturer clients.
  • Verification and Validation: We manage the verification and validation at every stage in the development process, from software unit testing through to ECU and full vehicle validation.
  • Harness Manufacture: Our in-house harness manufacturing team can produce high quality wiring harnesses at short lead times.



Do you have an engineering project that could benefit from our wide-ranging expertise and proven track record?



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