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Composite Technologies

Taking the weight out of the equation is one of the engineering sector’s biggest drivers and we are pioneering new engineering process and manufacturing solutions in this field.

Following years of sustained R&D, we have developed a processes for producing carbon fibre components that offer better performance than their existing counterparts and can be produced in minutes not hours.

pressformingHot Compression Moulding

  • Medium cost tooling
  • Process cycle times (<10 minutes)
  • Suitable for low to medium volume production
  • Double A surface part; accurate geometry
  • Aluminium or Steel tooling modifications easily introduced

hp-rtmHigh Pressure RTM

  • Higher cost tooling & plant CAPEX
  • Process cycle times (4-15 minutes)
  • Suitable for medium to high volume production
  • Good part integration
  • Tool design process more involved to determine clamping force, cure window and tool temperature on a part-by-part basis
  • Difficult to incorporate design changes

This unique processes have reduced manufacturing times to just minutes, making the use of composite materials very competitive against the traditional steels, aluminium and mixed materials commonly used in the automotive sector.

We have invested £8.5m in developing our existing building and installing a new state-of-the-art carbon fibre high volume factory, a new plant for lightweight structures and machining centres for rapid tooling.

This technology will open up lightweight structures for the high volume market, a breakthrough that nobody has successfully managed yet within the UK.

“Penso is one of the partners behind Innovate UK’s £16.8m Varcity project that will help Jaguar Land Rover develop vehicle architecture for City Cars.”


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